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I'm an energetic Professional Development Coach with a strong passion for developing women who want to better themselves personally and professionally. I feel like I've heard just about every challenge women face during their career journeys, from "my work doesn't excite me anymore" to "I'm sick of the office politics" to "how I'm perceived is not really who I am."  Whatever it is that is blocking your growth or joy, we can team up to crush it!

In terms of my credentials, I am a certified Leadership Coach as well as a certified Executive Coach. I'm also a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR). My master's degree is in Human Resources Management and I've spent over 16 years coaching, mentoring, and advising Fortune 200 professionals on career development.

When I'm not working, you can find me spending quality time with my close friends and family, watching a Netflix documentary, or mapping out personal projects that I want to accomplish.

a professional development coach, wife, and mother. 

I'm tav.

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The more seasoned I become as a working professional, the more I realize that women are faced with a ton of challenges throughout their career journeys. From starting our first real job right out of school to starting families while trying to build a career, we face many hurdles. But you know what? We are built to rise despite the obstacles we face. We are starting our own businesses while working full-time. We are climbing the corporate ladder while growing our families. We are creating leaders while continuing to work on ourselves. I've learned there is absolutely nothing we can't do!  That's not to say things don't get tough. The journey absolutely gets tough. But we push forward. We stay the course. I've also realized that when women join forces and collaborate with one another, amazing things happen. When egos and competition are set aside and women truly begin to work in unison, we are unstoppable. Let's rise above the obstacles and figure it out together!

What I've realized...

Thank you for taking a moment to learn a little about me and my journey. My hope is that you find inspiration and motivation that will push you to take action on whatever it is you've been facing in your career.

My background is in Human Resources and Project Management. I spent the first eight years of my corporate career in the recruiting and employee relations side of Human Resources. I spent a lot of time coaching and advising employees on issues ranging from career development to job performance.

I then transitioned into the Project Management space, which allowed me to coordinate and manage multiple company projects at any given time. Although it was a different space for me outside of my comfort zone, I was 100% open to learning and acquiring new skills that were not familiar to me. After moving away from the Human Resources space, I started to notice that my female colleagues continued to call on me for mentoring and advice as they ran into issues in their career. That's what led me to formal coaching.

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